How is March wrapping up already?! Right now the world is a little sad, lonely and heartbreaking. Peculiar perhaps as well and that is why it is super important to stay positive and work of being grateful rather than negative drag me downs. So here are 50 things I am grateful for for March. Some maybe the same as February but that is totally fine to be grateful for some of the same things monthly. Here goes. 

  1. That we are at where we are today. Yes I am talking about the most talked about negative around. Covid-19. Things really do happen for a reason, good and bad but everything around you makes you realise certain things and how you are as a person to continue through. 
  2. Right now, you may all laugh but I am fit and healthy. Touch wood, things could change but being well enough to continue and push through is really helping me mentally. 
  3. Things are getting easier for me to cope with and help others. Hard one to explain but I have struggled a lot since both Grandad’s died and having friends with loved ones with Dementia was hard. Now I am know exactly how it feels and my heart hurts for them and wants to help. 
  4. Because we aren’t allowed to hug anymore! Crazy as that sounds I really am one to show no affection and the only time I want a hug is from my mum or dad when I feel rubbish or sorry for myself. Not getting people in my own personal space is amazing! 
  5. This is a hard one to be grateful for, but I am. That being that my something new has to be delayed. Not just because my body isn’t liking me but because it would be the worst timing to do my something new and Covid-19. 
  6. My mini me (Abigail my niece) is really into arts and crafts like me. And wanted to spend most of my money, her birthday treat on crafts supplies. 
  7. Having at least 2 people interested and going through the financial stages of wanting to buy my property. Yes I am selling my home through Covid-19. Shoot me now if that is wrong but when it went up we weren’t where we are today. 
  8. Looking round show homes has really made me want to move house and lots of ideas how to decorate. Including my own furniture I have now. 
  9. Pinterest. For all the pins and ideas of how to decorate my future home. Ideas and all sorts, that keep me scrolling and saving for hours a day. 
  10. Money! The opportunity to buy a bigger property and all I want for the future. Saving as well as fun and home. 
  11. For my taste being a little different to others and my creativity is only the best when I have good, likeable things to work with. 
  12. The fact that I slept for 13 hours last night. Obviously needed it and it was amazing. Sleep is one of the best things in my life. 
  13. Trying a plant based diet to help my health, body and weight. Pretty much vegan until someone annoyed me to the point I wanted a McDonald’s. Bad I know my I am going to try get back into it more this week. 
  14. That mad people are dashing out and stock piling. Least for me if there isn’t anything to buy, least I can loose some weight! No junk food and only vegan left will force me to be good.gratitude 
  15. To the little makeup or food videos that caught my eye as I scroll through Facebook. You have my view for the full 3 minutes you are there for. Amazing and beautiful. 
  16. Because of the spring flowers sprouting about across the grounds. How beautiful. Even saw a lady jogging today to stop at a patch of daffodils to take a photo! 
  17. Spring colours. The brights and the pastels. All beautiful and cheery. Love all the brights and the pastels and it shows that good things are to come. 
  18. The Sims! One I have to laugh about. Something I use to play 24/7 when I was growing up. To rediscovering it now and as I wait for time to pass or to distract the noise, I am learning to play again. 
  19. A clean home is a happy home. Always nice to walk in to a decluttered, organised home. Seeing the sides of the cabinets is amazing and makes me smile. 
  20. Good books that make me want more for my life. Always should of pursued my career in the fashion industry. 
  21. My mentally good brain. I feel like I am, or was in a good place. With the events of last and this. It is possibly fizzling thin. But things aren’t really getting to me. 
  22. Opportunities. Being able to work from home for once. This period and working from home etc may really show a difference in the future and be more friendly in the work environment. 
  23. Annoying people. The ones who try to drag you down. Or think they are better than you when we are all equal. I guess I am grateful for just proving the annoying people wrong. 
  24. Not letting things get to me overly. By letting my life be mine and have my own time and space to do what I want my life to be like. Who are them people to judge or put you off things? plaits
  25. Being able to plait my hair. Because at least by plaiting my hair it looks like I’ve made an effort even on the lazy days. 
  26. For hot bubble baths. Because they are always good after a long stressful day in the office. 
  27. To be part of a team that actually works together and pushes through the rubbish that is thrown at you. Working to actually back each other up and achieve more in each day. 
  28. Being chosen as part of the skeleton staff at work. Though it’s lonely and frightening. Its showing I am valuable and capable of anything if my mind is in the right mood. 
  29. For the opportunity to spread awareness and teach others of my condition/illness. All I really want from this is that endometriosis is more known and out there in the world. Talked about rather than shut away like its invisibleness. 
  30. Food that is disgusting. Because it puts me off food for a bit and makes me want to throw up or brush my teeth to get away from the nasty taste. That is Marks and Spencer’s plant based Kiev’s. Rank! 
  31. Roasted Carrots cooked with the lamb! They are amazing but my mum never cooks enough so my portion if I cooked with be 5 carrots so 15 bits, to the 4 if I am lucky at hers. 
  32. Fruit strudel because its super yummy and delicious. The sugary pastry to the berry filling. All so yummy and amazing. Custard or ice cream and its good to go. 
  33. A clean shower door! Random I know but its so nice to not have any hard work marks on it. Forever have hard water but its just super better with none dried on it. 
  34. Waking up half hour before I have to start work. This I think will be short lived but an extra hours sleep a day is really helping me focus and deliver good quality work. happiness
  35. Audiobooks. Something new for me to listen to. But really helps the loneliness and the book recommendations make me laugh out loud. From the title to the actual person reading it to me. 
  36. Community. This may sound random too, but as a community we are really pulling together and helping others out if needed or to make things easier as Covid-19 continues. 
  37. Being lighter for longer. It is so nice to drive home in the light. Puts more of a high spirit in the day and less of an effort to have to concentrate. Not that I don’t concentrate but you don’t get the idiots that drive up close with their lights glaring in your mirror. 
  38. New tyres. Making my car a better drive. Not that I could tell I needed new ones but because they are aline and its always nicer to drive after a service and mot. 
  39. With the weather getting warmer. Meaning I can use less electricity and save some money. Less layers to wear in the house and sometimes not needing a coat. 
  40. Crossing my legs. Because it makes so much of a difference if I am in pain. How random is that but it really does. I even sleep with my legs crossed. As in you would at primary school. I’m double jointed slightly so can keep my crossed and flat on the bed as I lay down to sleep. 
  41. Good people that support me, respect me and allow me to be me. People that care and love me for who I am and don’t want me to change. 
  42. Roasted new potatoes. You have to try these if you haven’t had them! Oh my they are delicious. As a roast potato but in new potato form. Bit of salt and pepper. Yummy! Could eat a whole pot full they are so good. 
  43. The words to happy birthday. Because without that would the UK purely be singing this twice every time they washed their hands? Just by singing it in your head to make sure you wash them long enough. It always feels like others are watching you when you wash them now! 
  44. Panko breadcrumbed avocado. You have to try this. Oh my, cut an avocado up, dip in light coconut milk then panko breadcrumbs and bake for 20 minutes. They are just purely amazing and though hot avocado sounds weird, they are so good. panko avocado
  45. Hard one to explain but being listened to. I am really grateful that I am finally being listened to and being appreciated and respected for my decisions. 
  46. To have a full freezer of food. My fridge is fairly full too. Because the shops have nothing and I am ready to hibernated for several weeks. 
  47. Inspiration. In all sorts, ways, shape and form. It is always good to have something too inspire to be like or do as. Push yourself and your abilities to inspire others as well. 
  48. Being brave and a strong human being. Arranging to meet new people, show no fear or have no fear of what is happening around us and being there for others who need you more or the most! 
  49. Old school 90’s games being free online to play when you are bored and need a break. Really does help pass sometime and occupies your brain for a little longer. Distraction from food as well. 
  50. Then finally I am grateful for me and how I am today. How I see the world and feel ok about what is happening. Even though it is scary and frightening. Things will be ok and having a positive good mindset is definitely better than not! 

self care

Wow that’s 50. And finally every time I stop to think what is next to right. The first things that come to my mind, mash potato, broccoli and Mac and cheese isn’t on the list. I don’t even like Mac and cheese. There is a lot of food on my list of what I am grateful for purely because I am into food right now. Love that trying plant based has brought me to want to try more and eat better. Though again I am pigging out a little too much. 

Just remember that we are in a right pickle at the minute, as the world. But hang in there, focus on the good things in everyday and keep a good mindset. Stay safe and healthy and all will be ok. 

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