So Gratitude is something I write about daily and I saw this as a blog title the other week on Pinterest. As well as my favourites for the month, which will be up on Saturday, I thought it would be a nice idea to write about the things I am grateful for. 50 was me aiming high, so we will see how we get on. Gratitude can come in anything of everyday. No matter how big or small it is. 

  1. I am grateful for my own home. Being I like my space, my own routine and doing what I want, when I want. 
  2. I am grateful for creativity. One I have a natural flare for but I enjoy creativity of most forms. Good at most things and it’s a time I can get away from the world and do my thing for a couple hours. 
  3. I am grateful for my best friends. Both of them mean the world to me and support me no matter what. Love them both dearly and can’t thank them enough for being themselves and all they do for me. 
  4. I am grateful for Alfie. For he’s love for me as his auntie. How he wants to always look after me and be with me. Thankful for him to arrive in my life 6 years ago and as his aunt I have spoilt him for his birthday this month. 
  5. I am grateful for not spending any money on me this month. If it wasn’t for Alfie I would have not spent a penny. Instead Alfie took my wages this month on his birthday treat. 
  6. I am grateful for opportunities that are making me motivated and excited to do things. 
  7. I am grateful for junk food. Because I have sure needed it all month! Sweets, chocolate the works. 
  8. I am grateful for hot bubble baths every night. Baths are so good for endometriosis and I love a good bath. Time to relax, destress and chill. Also relaxes and warms my belly up which my body loves as well. 
  9. I am grateful for colour coordinating my wardrobe. As silly as this sounds, its so nice to be organised but the colours are jumping out at me to want to wear things I haven’t in a long time. 
  10. I am grateful for painted nails. They are just pretty and cute. Add something to your outfit and make your hands look neater. 
  11. I am grateful for early nights because it’s sure been a struggle staying up until bed time. A early night sometimes is the best thing for me! 
  12. I am grateful for the opportunity to put my flat on the market and look for a bigger and better home. 
  13. I am grateful for the decisions I have made for this year, and sticking to them. All decisions are for the better and so its good I am sticking at them! 
  14. I am grateful for lunch times at home. Even If I am trying hard not to fall asleep on the sofa. It’s good to break away from my desk and refresh for the afternoon.
  15. I am grateful for nerves. Because without nerves you wouldn’t be able to challenge and better yourself. Would just stay in my comfort zone and not excel in places I should be. 
  16. I am grateful for hair straighteners because without mine, I would have a frizz ball of hair everyday. 
  17. I am grateful for weird food combinations. Because why not eat what you want. It goes down the same hole and they actually taste nice together. 
  18. I am grateful for the car park being open, because my lazy bottom is getting out of bed later and later for work! 
  19. I am grateful for peanut butter because its makes the best stir fry sauces and they are the quickest to make as well. 
  20. I am grateful for colours. Because colours brighten up the day. Make you smile and cheer you up. 
  21. I am grateful for fashion. Because its always good to have your own style out in the world. 
  22. I am grateful for inspiration. Because it’s always exciting when you are planning something and getting ideas from others. 
  23. I am grateful for sleep because without sleep I would be the worst person alive! It really does so much for me and helps me when I am feeling rough. 
  24. I am grateful for pyjamas because they are comfy and cosy and warm! They aren’t tight and hang nicely. 
  25. I am grateful for being able to learn something new everyday. Because we need to learn to grow as a person and challenge ourselves daily. lifestyle
  26. I am grateful for making myself a structured routine. Because I thrive off being in one and getting things done without pressure. 
  27. I am grateful for kindness. Because it doesn’t harm to be kind. Even if you don’t like the person. Being polite and kind is making a better world!
  28. I am grateful for the daffodils popping up every where. Telling us spring is on its way. 
  29. I am grateful for the birds chirping by my bedroom window every morning. Another sign of spring on its way. 
  30. I am grateful for smiling. Because smiling is a nicer form of medicine! 
  31. I am grateful for Robinson’s blackcurrant and apple. Because without it my fridge would be empty and I wouldn’t know what to drink! 
  32. I am grateful for my job. Because it pays the bills and has allowed me to buy my own home. 
  33. I am grateful for my mistakes. Because I have grown bigger and stronger from them. 
  34. I am grateful for my family because they are my family. 
  35. I am grateful for Sunday afternoons cuddled up on the sofa. 
  36. I am grateful for the left side of my body. Because its got all the problems and made me appreciate the healthier side of my body more. 
  37. I am grateful for the right side of my body for always being the healthier side and behaving normally!
  38. I am grateful for good books. That make you want to read more and more. 
  39. I am grateful for the stars. Because on a clear night, which are the ones we struggle mostly in. We can look up to see our loved ones shining brightly on us. 
  40. I am grateful for jewellery. Because in boring meetings or nerve-racking presentations you always have something to play with! 
  41. I am grateful for Aunt Bessie’s parsnips. Because without them my dinners would be boring 4/5 time of the week. 
  42. I am grateful for the weekends. Where I can lay in, chill out. Create content and do what I want to. 
  43. I am grateful for pursuing my dreams. Even it taking forever to actually happen. 
  44. I am grateful for the wait, because it’s only happening for a reason. The best is yet to come. 
  45. I am grateful for Endometriosis. Though I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Without it I wouldn’t have learnt half as much as I have these last 5 years. 
  46. I am grateful for my mum giving me the whole swish roll to bring home. Because I ate the whole thing but it was worth it! 
  47. I am grateful for the days I just managed to get out of bed. It’s the biggest achievement some days. 
  48. I am grateful for the hard times. Because there is some many things to learn in life. Without the hard times would we be the people we are today? 
  49. I am grateful for the days that surprise you. For them that become better all of a sudden. 
  50. Finally I am grateful for being me! It is good to be unique, weird and everything else. Because if we were all the same and normal the world would be boring! 

Melanie Kate

Wow I actually got to 50. I didn’t think I would when I was at 15 thinking what next. But it’s amazing what you can right now and be grateful for. Some maybe the same or similar but writing 50 it’s an achievement in itself! I hope I can do this again next month as well. Thinking of the good things and things you are grateful for over the bads, creates a much more better and positive life! 

What was one thing you were grateful for this month?

Melanie Kate

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