As the world shuts down over the worldwide pandemic Covid19. We are all living in a weird and extremely hard world. Everyday is different, the fear of the unknown and if or when will we get the dreaded virus. In self isolation, lockdown and quarantine, it can be hard to continue life normally but we have to stay upbeat and positive as can be and be thankful for this time. A time where we can reflect on the greed and impulse spurges. The money and our lifestyle. There is a lot to be grateful and thankful for actually if you think about it and some are really basic. 

Every month I try to share 50 things I am grateful for, purely for myself and a reflection of all 50 things that went well or I have learnt from. A sign of gratitude and love to my own little world. Having a positive mind and life is super helpful and actually makes life a lot happier. Here goes all 50. 

  1. Water. So we can wash our hands thoroughly and as many times as we want every day. Think of how many more germs and things would be on our hands if we couldn’t wash them with clean water. 
  2. Warmer weather. Imagine if we were in quarantine and it was snowing and cold? That would be worse right. We would really be trapped home and walks would be miserable. The weather being sunny and warm just allows you to go out, not to many extra layers and puts a smile on your face. 
  3. Clean bed linen. This really random. But its so nice when you change the bedding and you have a crisp clean bed. I changed mine today and as I type this now it’s lovely. Clean, comfortable and inviting. 
  4. Purple sprouting broccoli. Something that I think is pretty new to me actually. I was given some the other week and it tastes so good. It is amazing on its own or as part of a dish and its purple not green. Lasts a while and my sister fills the bag up to last me a good few meals. 
  5. Flour. Something that has a world shortage on like toilet roll. But you can actually make a lot of good things with flour. I am keen quarantine baker these days and I am all for making lots of yummy treats. Even if they make me eat them all in one go as well. 
  6. Being safe and well. We have to really be grateful to have our own safe and clean environment. I live in a block of flats, so imagine how many touch the doors to go out and who knows what rules everyone else is sticking to. So I am super grateful for this space, my home and that I know this isn’t going to be affected, if I follow the rules and clean down everything that comes in this flat, that I don’t know where it has been. 
  7. That I still have my job. With so many being furloughed or made redundant during this pandemic, I am extremely grateful for my job. I am busy and that is really helping me. But I am also happy to be receiving my wages monthly and being able to work daily from home. 
  8. Technology. Without technology our lives would be lonelier than they may already feel. I use my phone most of the time. FaceTime and now Microsoft teams as well. The quick call to my mum for motivation even to get out of bed helps.Blossom 
  9. Blossom. Such a beautiful flower. But one I am extremely allergic to. It’s so pretty on the trees and I love it. A sense of normal life when you see it on the trees. Spring is here and it’s developing all around use as we stay home to protect ourselves. 
  10. Drawing. Something I am actually good at but never do. Having all this time to do nothing, is allowing me time to delve back into my creativity and draw as much as I want to. Really calming and therapeutic. When I am in that zone, I can draw for a long while. 
  11. Smiles. Something simple. But extremely welcoming and kind. It takes nothing to smile to yourself. Or to others. It’s reassuring and can make someone else’s day. Simply with one facial expression. blue sky
  12. Clear blue skies. Such an amazing colour. Beautiful and bright. Makes the day better to look at a clear blue sky. No clouds, no pollution, no planes nothing but blue. Just instantly makes you feel happier when the weather is good and the skies are clear. 
  13. A good book to read. I never have been good at reading and I have probably read more the last year and a half, than I have my whole life. Now I love my hour of me time and I can bury into a good book for a week. If it calls me and entices me to read more, I am gone. 
  14. The smell of clean washing. Not just because the washing is clean. But the smell is so fresh and clean its so inviting. Waking up to the scents of clean washing hanging on the clothes horse makes me feel good. Just a beautiful smell. 
  15. Raspberries. An expensive type of fruit and one I rarely have because of the cost of it. But if the fridge is full of fruit rather than junk food. All is good with the diet. They are just yummy to eat and one of my favourite fruits. 
  16. The birds singing. A sign of normality. For they have no where to go but to continue. So we should do the same. But in more of a cautious way and keep ourselves safe.
  17. Milky Way stars. For making the 4 o’clock munchies even more yummier. I hardly eat chocolate and since this pandemic milky way stars are my go to. They are so good. 
  18. One tray dinners. Because you can just chuck them in the oven and they turn out really nice. Simple, easy and healthy dinners. All on one tray. 
  19. Windows with good views. Because you can look out and see the world without leaving your safe zone. My living room and bedroom windows look out on to the main road but also the green in front. It is actually amazing how many cars are still on the road and what people are doing. It also gives you the chance to work out when its quiet enough to go out your allowed walk a day. 
  20. Friends. People to check up on or visa versa. The ability to chat away and keep caught up. Giving each other motivation to get through this. Someone to put a smile on your face when you feel down. 
  21. Being in the creative zone. Because once I am there, I am there for hours and hours. There is no stopping me once I am there. 
  22. Key workers. So we can stay home to keep safe and help the world. My sister is actually a key worker and she is doing amazing providing food for the county. Its the oddest thing not being able to go to Sainsbury’s and treat myself to a junk food day. Yes I can go to Sainsbury’s still but the whole situation is completely different. gratitude
  23. Days when I just can’t motivate myself to do anything. These days are totally fine. We have to appreciate that this time is completely rare and unique. Hard to live in and for me I am on my own. So I am literally day in day out me, myself and I. All the worry etc that is running through all our minds. 
  24. Time. We all actually need that time. Because we have it now we need to make the most of it. Do the things you want to do and need to do. Sit and think. What do you want to take forward when this goes back to normal and what do you want to leave? Meditate and make yourself a better person. 
  25. My health. Though I have a chronic illness, I am healthy as far as I know. I plan to stay this way but who knows, when and what will happen with all the other people around you in the outside world. 
  26. Music. Because its good to have other sound around you than the hum of the computer. It sort of soothes me and gives me a sense of normality. We have the radio on when we are actually in the office. 
  27. Old movies. Again like music its good to have something on in the background. Some how sound other than the computer humming gets me motivated and focused on the tasks I have to do. 
  28. Chinese chicken. Random as this is, it just has so much flavour and tastes amazing. 
  29. The butchers. Being open and well stocked to allow me to get 2 months worth of food for the freezer. Such a good mix as well and I know that it will all taste good. 
  30. Corner shops. Again like butchers they have pretty much everything stocked up and are so much quieter. No queue and a limited amount of people even think to go to the corner shop. The odd shop there for bread, crisps and blackcurrant. With my weekly farm veg shop and meat in the freezer, its amazing. 
  31. Skills. I am really grateful for my skill set. Where I was never academic, I now can make so many things. Look at something and create and utilise my skills such as pasta making to help me through this pandemic. 
  32. Self care because it’s amazing what a bit of me time can do to change your way of thinking.  
  33. Sleep. It just sets me good for the day ahead. Later alarms and longer lay ins at the weekend. Makes me feel so much better. 
  34. I force myself to do things. If I didn’t I would just be fat and depressed. And that would not be good for my endometriosis or self care. I actually don’t remember the last time I had a full day in bed and did nothing. 
  35. Washing and straightening my hair. The simplest of things that just make me feel better, look and feel normal and smile as I see myself in the mirror. 
  36. Little things that make me laugh. Things that are funny and cute. Simple to do but you’d never thing of doing them. 
  37. Lighter evenings. Not for the fact I hate driving in the dark because let’s face it. I don’t drive anywhere these days. Its just nicer and if I want to go for a walk after my tea its still doable. 
  38. A clean home. The housework has to be my worse chore. Let’s just face it if I don’t do it, then no one does. Because I live alone. It really makes me happy and smile when the home is tidy and clean. Everything is tidied away and neat. The bathroom is clean and I don’t know its just got a better vibe to a clean home. 
  39. Good series on the TV. I never watch tv so when a good series comes on I am jumping on the sofa ready to watch. What a perfect time as well for Our Girl to have been on and everyone is home to watch. 
  40. Bio Freeze. Oh my my shoulders have been hurting. My mum laughed at me the other day when I told her I needed to change the bedding because my back and shoulders hurt. But it’s true it helps and bio freezing my shoulders and back as much as I can is really helping with the pain and tension. 
  41. To do lists. As much as I hate them or what is behind them. They are super helpful and handy to do throughout lockdown. If you need that check list like I do for things around the house or whatever it is. Write one, tick it off and you’ll get so much more done out of your day. 
  42. Apple technical support. For helping me fix my MacBook for the 100 millionth time. Just a simple phone call this time thank god. And no reboot back to factory new but it is so good and handy to have them on the phone when something goes wrong you can’t fix. 
  43. McCoy’s cheese and onion crisps. They have so much more flavour, smell and taste to them. Is it the crinkled crisps or what. But they are so much nicer than normal cheese and onion. And cheese and onion are my favourites. converse
  44. Black converse because they are a no effort, effort kind of trainer. They look cute with most outfits. Even now with spring dresses. 
  45. Rooms. Yes rooms. Room to move around and still have a work/home balance. Even if work is at home. It means before 8:30 am and after 5pm I can shut off from the computer and escape. Never has it even tempted me to do extra time. 
  46. Kleenex man size tissues. I have allergies to pretty much the whole spring and summer. My hay fever is so bad and I am really grateful for these man size tissues. They are soft and nicer on my nose. Least I don’t have to look like Rudolph the whole year round! 
  47. Colours because it makes everything look prettier in colour. From pencils to pens and skies and trees. Buts a smile on my face. 
  48. The left side of my double bed. Random I know. But I have been watching my iPad and reading etc on the left side of my bed because I think its helping me get a better nights sleep. Having the right hand side ready for me to go to sleep in. 
  49. Pretty much food. If you haven’t guessed already. Food is so good and the fridge is always trying to tempt me to eat most hours. Graze all day now on fruit just to stop me eating junk food. 
  50. Finally I am grateful for delays in things I had planned. Everything happens for a reason right? So this delay and twist in my everyday life was meant to happen. And fingers crossed the delay and wait for what I had plan will make them even more successful and better than they were meant to. 


Now let’s just put it out there. It is really hard to think of 50 things you are grateful for. When you are stuck at home 24/7 and no one to do things with or go entertain yourself with. So I have had to come back to this blog post several times to think. At one stage even I was on FaceTime to my mum, asking her what she was grateful for, for inspiration. My mum suggested to give up at 28. That is where I was, but I just left it and came back to carry on. 

What is one thing you are grateful for? Anything whether it’s big or little. 

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