50 random facts

As I have been blogging for just under a year now, I thought it would be a good time for you all to get to know me a little better. So here are 50 random facts about me.

1. Full Name

My name is my name, my first name is Melanie and my middle is Kate. I will be keeping my surname private for now anyways. I am not named after anyone but my initials match my Grandmas.

2. Birth Date

90's child

I was born in Hertfordshire UK, on the 7th of April 1990. I am the youngest in my family. I was born on a Saturday. My mum knew she was about to have me in the morning of the 7th, my dad went to the dentist for a filling in the morning. My sisters were both given roller skates as a present from me. My uncle looked after my sisters whilst my mum was in labour with me in hospital.

3. Eye Colour

My eye colour is hazel. I always get compliments on the colour of my eyes but also the shape. A few members across my family have very similar shaped eyes.

4. White or Dark Chocolate

Ideally I would go for milk chocolate, but between these two I would say dark. You know a square of dark chocolate a day is good for you?

5. Favourite Ice Cream Flavour

Since Mallorca October 2018 I would have to say my favourite is Kinder Bueno, but as this is not in the UK unless I try to make it. I will have to say mint chocolate chip ice cream.

6. Have You Broken Any Bones

No I haven’t. I dislocated my elbow when I was two years old. I want to look for my daddy outside, so I used my potty to climb up to the window. Slipped and dislocated my elbow. I wasn’t expressing any pain, so my mum took me to hospital a few days after when they realised I wasn’t using my arm.

7. Cats or Dogs


100% cats. I am actually scared of dogs and have been since I was little. I am getting better with dogs but as a little girl I would make sure to cross the road just so I didn’t have to walk past the dog.

8. Do You Sing In The Shower

Yes depending on my mood and what my mood is like. The happier I am the more likely it is that I will sing. That or talk to myself or meditate. It’s a good time to reflect on the day.

9. Favourite Colour

Grey if grey is a colour. My whole flat has an element of grey in every room, but if you can’t class grey as a colour I would pick raspberry pink.

10. Favourite Number

My favourite number is 7. The day I was born and its a pretty good number.

11. How Many Siblings Do You Have

I have 2 older sisters. One 7 years older than me and the other is 5 years older than me.

self care

12. Do You Get Jealous of Others

Yes I do. I am trying to improve on this, but when you are feeling a little run down or it’s just a bad day, I sometimes find it hard not to be jealous of others. Whether its their dinner, their situation, their location even.

13. Which Country Do You Want To Visit

I want to visit Greece but mainly Santorini. It looks beautiful in the pictures. Its warmer than the UK and its instagram worthy. I love Greece and Santorini is definitely one on the top of my bucket list.

14. What Is Your Favourite Food

My favourite food, weekdays lazy meals would be cheese pasta, homemade meals would have to be chicken Milanese and restaurant or takeaway would have to be Thai food.

15. Favourite Brand Of Makeup

I am really experimenting with makeup this year, but right now I am loving Bare Minerals or Too Faced. Mostly Bare Minerals.

16. Do You Like Bright Colours

Yes I love bright colours. I love when you wake up or drive home and the sky is filled with bright pinks and purples. I am one for bright colours naturally over pastel colours.


17. Which Smell Do You Like The Most

This is a hard one, I like vanilla the best I think, that or clean washing. I also love when you walk into the smell of something baking in the oven or fresh out the oven.

18. What Type of Movies Do You Like

I can watch any movie, but I like chick flicks, comedies and romance the most. I also love a good film you can cry to, like my sister’s keeper.

19. What Food Do You Want To Try

Food is a hard one for me, because I did weight watchers about 5 years ago. Ever since then food is just to fill me up, I don’t like food. But I love asian cuisine, so I would like to explore their foods more.

20. Rain or Shine

Sunshine always. Heat is very good for me and I will always take the opportunity to be on a beach somewhere hot than be here in the cold UK.

self care

21. Something You Dislike

This is a hard one because half the things I dislike I can’t really say on here. So I will have to go with Negativity. I am a natural negative thinker and if I am stuck in a situation that’s negative I can’t handle more negativity on top of it. I hope that makes sense. I also am trying to live a more positive lifestyle these days so ruling out all the negativity I can, is really helping me.

22. Favourite Holiday

It’s hard to choose. I have 3. Halkidiki in Greece, because we were upgraded for free, and had the suites to ourself near enough. They cooked whatever you wanted for breakfast. It was amazing. The second being Sal Cape Verde September 2017. I went on my own to visit Eleonora and it was the most amazing time. I had so much free time, time to myself where I could do what I wanted whenever I wanted. I could sunbathe, nap and swim and de stress . Also whilst seeing a friend. Then the third is Disneyland Paris, not only is it magical and good rides etc. It’s even more magical to say you’ve been in the snow. Ok it might not be the best whilst your their freezing you toes off but looking back at how beautiful it was in the snow.

23. Favourite Disney Film

Being I am a 90’s child, 100% would have to be Pocahontas. It was realised when I was a child. I have probably seen it 1000 times and I even wore clothes with Pocahontas printed on them. Following that it would have to be the Aristocrats or Mulan.

24. Favourite Childhood Memory

Making a camp in the laurel bushes at my grandparents old house with my cousins Jake and Harry. We use to hang out there most weekends. Climbing the branches and playing around. I also loved playing out on the street every night and weekend with my friend Chelsea. We only knew each other from our street but we became really good friends and hung out near enough every day. Playing on our bikes or sleepover’s at each others.

25. What Would You Change In Your Life

This is a hard one too. I am ok in my life right now due to things not being 100% but I would love to have a new boyfriend and a baby one day in the future.

26. Favourite Season

This would have to be Spring and Summer, purely because of the warmer weather. Not having to add layers all the time. Plus its much cheaper to run my flat in the warmer weather than the winter.

27. Are You Scared of Storms

No I am not scared of storms. We don’t really have huge storms other than the occasional thunder and lightning storm. As long as I am happy, warm, healthy and inside safe I am good with storms.

28. Something You Always Wear

Ok so I am always in my Doc Martens, or converse. Jeans are my go to wear everyday. But if I am at home I am most probably in my pyjamas whatever time it is.

29. Your Favourite Drink

My favourite drink has to be Robinson’s Blackcurrant and Apple, No added sugar. Purely because it’s the only thing I drink. I haven’t drunk alcohol in well over a year now due to medical reasons but I don’t really miss it. I drink about 7 pints of blackcurrant a day. If I am out then I will have lemonade.

self care

30. Your Dream

My dream is to have a partner, a baby, most possibly married, run my own business and to build my own house.

31. Something That Was Worth Doing

Something I found worth doing was paying off my car and saving for a mortgage. It’s good to be on the property ladder and even more so on my own. I brought my flat when I was 26.

32. A Place For The Summer

Anywhere as long as its hot! I love a good beach holiday. I would like to go Barbados, or the Bahamas, Greece or Spain. All is good if the sun is shining heat.

33. Your Phobia

I am needle phobic. I am scared of injections and needles. I am not very good with doctors, hospitals and especially injections. I have to lay down and hold my mum or dads hand to have a blood test, not looking at the needle either. I must say though aged 28 I did go to get my 12 weekly injection on my own and I stood up just didn’t look.

34. What Scares You The Most

This is the same as my phobia really. But I am really scared of hospitals, being sick, injections and operations. I also am scared of dying so it all ties together. You would think that after 5 times to the operating theatre I would be over my fears but it just gets worse. Even laying in the MRI machine is scary because its compacted and you can’t move.

35. Something or Someone Who Changed Your Life

The something would have to be my body and the disease of which is endometriosis. The someone would have to be my good friends for their support as well as my family. Endometriosis really does suck but with the support around you and how you adapt to live really does help you. You learn to change things to better your opportunities.

36. A Wish

I just wish for happiness and good health.

37. What Makes You Happy

My niece Abigail and my nephew Alfie make me happy.

38. A Virtue

I had to ask Siri to help me on this one. But I believe my answer is self care and making a better life for me using self care.

39. A Defect

Endometriosis. It definitely impacts my life and though I try to stay upbeat and positive, there are definitely times when its a massive struggle. Especially when waiting for an operation.

40. A Hobby

I am very creative, I love to sew and make anything really. I can hand sew, use a sewing machine as well as knit. I can also jewellery make and various other things. As long as I am creative whether that’s write a blog or film a video to make a bag I am happy.

41. Your Favourite Book

My favourite book is a tricky one again. But thinking about it my favourite would have to be The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Amazing book and I can’t wait for the next book to come out later this year.

42. What’s Your Favourite Fruit

Raspberries are my favourite fruit but they are expensive and don’t last long in the fridge so I would have to say I am loving pears right now and have 1 a day.

43. Do You Have Pets

horse riding

Personally I don’t here at my flat because it’s against our lease to the block of flats, but as a family we have 1 cat Maizie and 1 horse Digby. We loan 1 horse off my uncle Tally and we have 20 or so fish in the pound outside.

44. An Advice

My advice for you is to be happy and do what is best for you in life. If that is less than your friend can do then except that and be happy for yourself. Everyone is different so be unique and be happy for who you are.

45. Are You A Good Secret Keeper

Yes I am. Sometimes I get asked a lot because I am nosy and find out lots of information so I am the one to ask. But if I am told something in secret like the other day then that will be kept with me forever.

self care

46. Describe Yourself in 3 Words

This is really hard for me. I am the worst at describing myself. How would you describe me? I would say I am strong, not muscles and that I mean strength for what I have had to deal with and will do in life. Easy going, I can talk to anyone, I am one to do whatever so suggest somethings and I am bound to just agree. The last I would say I am weird. Its better to be unique anyway.

47. What’s Your Nickname

The majority of people call me Mel, my grandma and uncle call me Melbabe.

48. Who Has Inspired You

Grandad Gerald is my hero and has massively inspired me in life. He does like to talk a bit too much about the war and politics but deep down he has shown me the strength he has been through, the ambition and the fight to keep going.

49. Are You a Good Decision Maker

If I am the only one who can make the decision then yes I am good at that. But I am one to just follow the crowd so if someone else can make the decision I am happy with that.

50. In What Do You Believe

I am a huge believer of self care, essential oils and positivity bringing you the best life. I feel kind of like I am living a hippy lifestyle, with the essential oils etc but deep down its saved my life. I am learnt so much from self care and continue to daily.

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