42nd Street

Last Saturday my mum, 2 sisters and Grandma went to see 42nd Street the musical at the theatre Royal Drury Lane. It was the first time at this theatre and the entrance was lovely. It was the easiest theatre to get to by Taxi and pull up right by the theatre.

The Royal Theatre - Drury Lane

42nd Street

42nd Street

We like to have fun when we go. Most of the theatres we have been to have had images etc but not a place for a selfie. This was fun and also great way to have fun and get my Grandma involved.

42nd Street

As the weather was nice and warm I wore my denim dress from Next. It is so comfy and fits really well.

When we walked into the theatre it was lovely and the way it was decorated was done really well. Very traditional and expensive. The seats in the stalls though were the least comfortable theatre chairs I have ever sat in. I had a numb bum throughout.

The Royal Theatre

The Stage


42nd Street

The show itself was full of tap dancing, glitter and singing. Even though I didn’t know the story or any of the songs it was a good show. 42nd Street is a story where they are creating a show for the theatre in New York. My Grandma new all the songs. So enjoyed it more. We tend to like shows where we know the story. Lulu was in the show when we went and she was really good. The singing, acting and dancing. In the storyline Lulu broke her ankle in one of the performances. The lady who played Peggy, they promote to be the main performer. She is very talented at tap dancing along with singing and performing.

The Cast

I know they have a lot of performances and practice but they are very talented and on time. The tap   dancing was amazing and very glittery. So sparkly. There were 30 ish people on the stage and all very in time. The tap dancing and singing were very clever and amazing to watch.

In the interval we all enjoyed a pot of hagen daaz cookies and cream ice cream, it was so delicious.

The show was on for 2 hours 40 including the interval, which is an average time for a theatre show. I would recommend this show to go and see. I wouldn’t say it was in my top 10 however was still good and so glittery and full of music and dancing.

42nd Street


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