How are we half way through the year! And pretty much most of that has been stuck at home. Even though we have, there is always something to be grateful for, daily. A positive mind/lifestyle is a better one! Finding a positive in everything 100% will make your life better. Being thankful and grateful for things, good or bad makes my life better. You know you can even be grateful for something negative that’s happened? I do challenge myself to tell 50 a month to you. But with all going on it’s extremely hard and today I can only get 30 out at a push. 30 is good though that’s 1 a day pretty much.

Here we go. 30 things, it takes me a while to think and write this post but its worth it. 

  1. The struggles of selling and buying a home through this pandemic. People always say it’s the most stressful thing, moving house. Last time buying the flat I am in now, flew through and I had nothing like this. All the forms and calls, it’s crazy. Especially with working from home and no printer or scanner. I am grateful for this because it will be worth it in the end! 
  2. Being able to form a bubble with my parents. It’s so much nicer being able to go in their house and near them. A hug on a bad day goes a long way. Also when it rains you go in and keep dry! 
  3. People’s mistakes. Because many people have made mistakes in this sell and buy process. But without them mistakes I wouldn’t be able to be buying the best for me and my future.
  4. Laughing or saying funny things to make people cheerier. Because we are all struggling and laughing is the best medicine. My jokes are the ones that make me laugh. 
  5. Motivational days. The days that fly by because you are busy and really into whatever you are doing. I love the days I sit at my work computer and when I first look at the clock and its lunch time. And after lunch it’s nearly time to shut down for the night. 
  6. Stores needing sales. Where no one has been in stores or buying things. Most are now holding offers and sales. With moving the sales are coming at the right time for me to start looking and buying things I would like for my new home. Saving money but spending at the same time. 
  7. Chocolate. I am a huge chocolate lover right now. Seems that I swap from chocolate to crisps and chocolate has been on the cards for a long while now. Just for my evening snack as a treat but its so nice when the chocolate is just about to melt so room temperature and yummy. 
  8. My besties. Because they are here for me. Always. Even if it’s only by WhatsApp right now, we still talk and miss each other. Get excited over each others opportunities and are there whenever for whatever. 
  9. Hard times. With every hard time in life you always realise who is with you and who isn’t. You always see people’s true colours. Not that I am nasty and I am the kindest caring person around. But in people’s struggles you do get to realise who is there and not there for you. 
  10. Learning curves. Everyday I learn something and its really good to be achieving goals and widening my knowledge. There will always be a curve in the learning and somethings will be useless or incorrect. But they are still good to learn, or from. 
  11. Achieving goals. Every month I set myself goals and it’s a really good thing to do. Make sure they are realistic. But I am super grateful that by the 2nd of June one of my goals was achieved and now most of the others are as well. Goals allow you to push yourself to achieve better. 
  12. Opportunities. I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I have been given this month. Big or little. In so many ways as well. From brand deals to the opportunity to prove my abilities. 
  13. My good healthy mindset. Not saying an unhealthy one isn’t good. But the better your mental health is, the better your physical will be. A lot works together. Keeping positive and having my head in the right place is massively helping me. 
  14. Smiling because actually though life might seem weird and hard right now. I am doing ok and smiling is good. No one would thrive through this pandemic like me. 
  15. The near future because it all looks better than what I am doing now. From a home, a garden, everything just seems like it will be good. gratitude
  16. Ice cream vans being able to open again. Weird as this is and I can’t overly say I have craved it since they shut. But oh my they taste so good one a hot day. To be fair any day. A 99p with a flake, medium size I am there. 
  17. Time going fast. Not that this should be something I am grateful for because I don’t want to wish my life away. But days when you are a little unsure on your mood, you have things to do but really you aren’t there. Them days, they are the best when they fly. 
  18. Microwave rice. For days like today when its boiling hot, you need to have lunch but the heat is making you not want to cook. Them days when you can just whack at pack in the microwave, add some sauce and there is your lunch. Simple but will do the job. 
  19. Pinterest. I am so grateful for Pinterest. Especially now with moving and the whole adventure. Interior design and even exterior design now. If I am buried in my phone the chances of me being on Pinterest is high. It is just so good to help you think of ways to do anything and everything. Very inspiring. 
  20. Being an introvert. I am really grateful right now for being an introvert. Because right now I am really thriving off all this me time and staying home. Working from home and not doing much. When we can go back to ‘normal’ will I be wanting to? 
  21. The fridge cold cup of lemonade I had today, when it was boiling hot and I needed cooling down. Its so nice to have the fridge behind me and the chilled lemonade to cool me down. I am always one to put the cup against my face as well to cool that as well. 
  22. Weird dreams that I remember. Because they are just so bizarre and funny. They make you think, what was I thinking about to dream such a thing? The other night I was 5 years old on a piebald shetland pony, with tinsel on me and the pony filming a Christmas advert. Like what made me come up with that? 
  23. Technology. Imagine living how we are now without technology? My friend’s had a baby and without picture messages and videos I would be none the wiser what she looks like. Being able to communicate with people and seeing them face to face on the phone. 
  24. Sleep because it’s my favourite thing ever. I am so grateful for a longer and good nights sleep each and every day. It is one of the best things to make me happy. 
  25. Healthy days. Because it’s gives me hope more than anything. No pain and feeling well is a rare siting but they are good when they arrive. Hardly any days don’t bring a niggle or two. But the days of good health I am really grateful to have. 
  26. Days where the weather is nice but not too sticky. That means days like today that are 33c are too hot. The days when you can live in shorts and t-shirts and work happily looking out at the sunshine and blue skies. They are just happy days. I really am grateful for the nice summer days we are having. 
  27. Still having a job and being busy in it. With everything going on and the worries of the future. A lot of things seem hit or miss. I am extremely grateful to wake up everyday to my job, and whilst I am in the living room working, I really do appreciate being busy and I am so thankful for that. 
  28. Pretty much any food because I am eating all the time. I am really grateful that every week I don’t have to go in the shops and buy food. But it’s delivered to me and tastes amazing. From the actual meals to the snacks. 
  29. That my hair looks decent enough when I just chuck it up wet and leave it for a while. I am so lucky for my long hair and the fact I can just brush it and whack it up. Definitely not one for blow drying it when its really hot. Plus I have a lion’s mane so it takes ten times the normal amount of time. 
  30. Finally because even this 30 have been a struggle, I am extremely grateful for all I have learnt this month, where I am and what I have to take forward to July. There has been some things that really have been emotional this month and really got to me. But I have to remember that there must be a reason why I am at the place I am right now and the future is only going to get better. 

And because them 30 were a struggle to sit in one sitting and write. I am leaving it at 30 this month. Everyday I am grateful for everything and so should everyone. A negative always has a positive in it. Even now when we are still in quarantine kind of, life is good, we are well and safe and that is really all that matters. 

The only other thing I ask of you all, is to be kind. Not everyone shares their full story to the world and we all need to appreciate that and them. Don’t judge until you know the full picture and be grateful for everyone and thing in the world.

What is one thing you are grateful for this month? 

Melanie Kate

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