Gratitude is something very powerful and useful. Your life will always look better and be better with a thankful heart and positive outlook on life. Every situation has a positive in it, even if it’s the worst situation going. Focusing on the gratitude and positive from everything really helps your mindset. I have to admit if I wrote this one a day, I would get more out of this. But I write this as a blog normally the week it posts and sometimes its really hard to think of 10 let alone the 50 I aim for. Today you have 25, so be thankful I managed to give you half.

  1. I am loving the colder days where I can wear long pyjama bottoms and be comfy and cosy. As much as I love the warmer days, its a little too sticky to work from home them days. 
  2. A healthy balance diet. Because eating anything and everything is good. But my endo prefers the healthy options and rewards me better. 
  3. The excitement of moving. Now a little of the stress is over (i think) and seeing my new build coming along nicely. Just excites me. Who knew I would be excited over a garden and some bricks. 
  4. A bit sad maybe and unusual. But I am grateful for lockdown. The ability to work from home and do good from home. Just a better, less stressed lifestyle. 
  5. Fresh and clean bed linen. Just being able to wash and put fresh on. I always sleep better with clean linen on. Random as that sounds its just beautiful. 
  6. My good, healthy mindset. You really don’t know how amazing it feels to have one when you haven’t experienced a bad mindset. But trust me, a clean, fresh, happy mindset is amazing. Causes a happier healthier person in me. 
  7. The ability to work well from home. I am extremely grateful for that. Some are naturally better working in their own environment and without the pressure of others around them. It has just opened the world’s eyes to the capability and health the world needs. 
  8. I am so grateful to be happy right now. The world is still really strange and surreal. But I am ok with it, happy for where I am and what I am doing. It is better to be happy and I am so grateful for that. 
  9. Sleep. I will always be grateful for sleep. It’s amazing and one of my favourite things to do. There is something about it that really just helps me. A good nights sleep is the best medicine for me. 
  10. The ability to help others. A positive hat is always the best to wear even in situations that aren’t overly positive. I am grateful that I can help with my good mindset to improve and help others. 
  11. Weeks were you are just motivated and staying on track. They are just the best and I feel so good from them. The weeks where I can exercise everyday and it’s not an effort. It just helps my mind and body and I am grateful for that because exercise is like marmite to me. 
  12. Dreams and goals for the future. So grateful for these and for what is to come because they give me something to look forward to and aim for. 
  13. Pinterest. Another that I am grateful for month in, month out. Just the ability to see others ideas for pretty much anything. Allowing me to plan out the designs for my new home. Or piercing inspiration. pretty sky
  14. Clean windows. As random as that sounds. I properly cleaned the insides of my windows last week and they make the view brighter and clearer. They weren’t overly dirty but its amazing what a quick wash of the windows can do. A colourful view makes me smile and its something to be grateful about. 
  15. Inspirational people. Them people that live their lives normally and you get inspired by their natural inspiring nature. We have to be grateful for these people because good, positive, inspiring people are the ones to follow. They just help your mind and health. 
  16. My own space. We all need our own space some of the time. Having my own flat just makes me appreciate the time I have on my own and what good comes from that alone time. 
  17. Hard work. Because my hard work seems to be paying off and I am proud of what I am about to achieve. There are times when things are really hard and I could easily say nah let’s leave it. But when I get there and have achieved a lot on my own, I am going to be so grateful for this hard work, more than I am now. And everything is going to be worth it. 
  18. Tin peaches. Random again. They are just so delicious and something I have rediscovered this month. Healthy, delicious and amazing. Having yummy healthy food is something to really be grateful for. These are one of them. 
  19. Things that make me smile. Like pretty evenings skies. All the pretty colours and just a good reason to be alive and makes you remember that. 
  20. Jojo Moyes’ books. Reading isn’t overly a strong point for me, but I took on reading again 2 years ago. Now if I can’t get into a book, I always turn back to Jojo Moyes. She just creates good content for me and I am really grateful for that. I want to read but when a book is boring within minutes I am done. 
  21. A little bit of normality in this pandemic. I am so grateful for the chance to see people again, in my own time and terms though. Seeing people and being with loved ones. Friends and family because it’s lovely to see them. But also makes me so happy to be with them. 
  22. Good relationships. With work colleagues, customers, friends and family. Just to be able to sit and chat for days about normal things and not have pressure to do things or achieve things. A better relationship is one where you can talk about life and not just one thing. I am loving that general lifestyle questions are asked daily, to gain really good relationships. 
  23. Lockdown. As weird as that is. I am super grateful for it. All these weeks of staying home. Being an introvert, staying home, working, socialising everything. That is a time I have loved and actually may not want it to end. 
  24. Knowledgeable people. I am so grateful for friends and family that know certain trades, tips and tricks. Super grateful for my move to hopefully go a little smoother. 
  25. I really am grateful for where I am today. Where I am going and what I am doing. The opportunities and paths I am taking. All for a reason and hopefully for the better. 


Honestly 25 is a lot to be grateful for, but when I sit down to type this out, 25 is hard work. I mean every time I go to type out the next. All that comes to my head is broccoli and I haven’t had broccoli in months! The thing is I am grateful for everything in my life right now, the adventures I am about to take and what is to come. Every situation has an element to be grateful for. Even if the situation is a negative. What you think and take from that is a way to learn and appreciate more, be grateful for all the good and focus on the positives. 

What is one thing you are grateful for, for July?

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