As 2020 has just begun, its time to think of all those things that you really want to achieve in 2020 and write them down! Honestly having them written down as a reminder actually helps you achieve them, if not more. Because I have a bullet journal and one that I use daily, I am writing mine down in that sort of style, but you can write them and have them wherever you want. A goal can be something huge or something really small, it can be something you want to do more of, something new, or something that will be a challenge. 

2020 goals

For me I am writing the main subject in the middle of the page, as I would many other pages of my journal. I have 1 a5 piece of dotted paper, my pack of gel pens and 1 uni-ball pen. 2020 new years goals is my subject so I have written that with my uni-ball pen in the middle of the page. That is all I will need my uni-ball pen for. The rest will all be in gel pens. 

First goal for me for 2020 is to keep my home clean and tidy all the time. Now its never not clean or tidy as such, but I just want to walk in everyday to a happy, clean, good environment and one that is inviting. If I am in the middle of a huge craft project then I tend to keep it all out till it’s finished. It will be just making a spot for that and make sure as soon as I am finished I tidy away. 

2020 goals

Be organised is the next I have written, because as much as I am organised and 3 videos a week go up ready on a Sunday night. I need to have that plan in set and write my blog posts as well. Not be lazy and rush them, but write good content. Being organised isn’t all about social media either, it’s making plans in my real life and sticking to them. Guess this one could tie in with the housework one above. 

Appreciate the good days is my next. Ok I am writing others down my they are more of reminders than goals. Positive living is the best and all those good days equal up to way more than the bad ones. Everyone has them days so it’s normal but pushing the positive, good days will encourage the positives to shine. 

2020 goals

Make effort with friends, this is really important to me. We all have friends that are lazy, can’t be bothered to stay in touch unless you do first. But right now I have the best friends by me but sometimes I do think I should be kind and check in with others from time to time. Because actually friends are hugely important and I wouldn’t be without an afternoon playing snakes and ladders with Ava and Nellie whilst catching up with Jade or eating a pudding for 4 between 2 with Liv. 

Paint my nails more is my next and really I love having painted nails, but I am too lazy or skint to get them redone all the time. A painted nail looks so my prettier than a nail not painted. This is probably one I will fail and I know it. But I want to at least try paint them 12 times at least. Once a month that’s ok right?

2020 goals

Stay home more often is my next and that my sound really strange and random to you all. But I am hardly home and I really want to put the love into this home and want to spend more time here. This week I have stayed home all day for 2 of the 4 that has already happened. I feel so good for it, I’ve achieved so much in them two days and actually I would be ok to stay home for another few at least. 

My next two are relatable. Be punctual and coming home every lunch time. Now I am always on time for work and was up until October in work a half hour early but since trying to change things up and get a better mindset, I am getting in for 10 minutes to spare and coming home at lunch I am getting back 1 minute late. Now really its probably only me who notices this but I really do need to get back on time and have that allowance in the mornings to do stuff if needed. 

2020 goals

Stop saying yes is something a lot of us need to do and learn. Why is it always us that have to do things when others quite freely are sitting there? Well that is because we can’t say no. 2020 I want to say no more. Fight back and stand my ground. If I don’t want to or don’t have time to then I will be saying no. Who gets the better out of this? It will be me! 

Save money, this is really important to me this year and I really have to save money. If all works out and goes to plan then having that saved money behind me will work hugely in my favour. I love to spend and can buy anything if it meant I didn’t have to save. But I am saying no and if I think its too hard to resist then I am just not going. The credit card is back in the cupboard and I think will be in my mum’s hands again soon and I am going to save. 

2020 goals

Compliment more is the next and its just a nice one. Everyone deserves a compliment even if its small. We don’t know everyones stories so a compliment could make their day. Also isn’t nice to just be nice and kind? 

Read at least 12 books in 2020? I think this is actually doable. 2019 was the first time I have read more than 3 entire books. Maybe I completed this is in 2019 but I want to do it again, if not more this year. It’s good to read and I actually love it now. Part of my bedtime routine and it’s self care and all. Less time on technology and more in a book.

2020 goals

Appreciate everyone in my life. Now this is something I hope I already do but with both my grandads dying in 2019. I want to make it more apparent. Everyone is in your life for a reason and why not show that in how you treat them. Not meaning everyday or hour but randomly. As I type this up my facebook memories come up and I was me thanking my best friend for being her. It’s just lovely to do and honestly the best thing to do. 

Listen to more podcasts is the next and something that was new to me in 2019. Actually I love them and I enjoy them especially if I am having a bad day and they can drag the bad out of me drawing me into the subject. Really want to learn more from podcasts and get more out of them. 

2020 goals

This year I want to me more successful. In many ways as well. You can be successful in so many things and really you if you put yourself to that something you want to succeed in, the chances are you will succeed. I want to succeed in all this goals, I want to be praised more for my hard work, be more successful in life and what I post on here and youtube. But also my something new, I really want that to be successful in 2020. 

In 2020 I am going to have to be brave for so many things and so I have written this as a reminder. I can do it and I have to do it to succeed so I have no choice but to be brave. So just put on a smile, a brave face and laugh it off. Realised I have put laugh more twice on the sheet so it must be really important to me, even if its just to show how I am not coping. 

2020 goals

Make an effort more is what I have written now, this means I want to straighten my hair more. Put on some nice clothes and look good. Half the time now I just can’t be bothered and chuck on whatever reaches my arms first. But really I need to stop being lazy, get up, and dress to impress. My hair looks so much better straightened even when up so why don’t I just straighten it. I need to make the time and do these things. 

Finally I just want to enjoy 2020. What will happen will happen. I really hope I can succeed and achieve all my goals and wishes. You know life can be hard and harsh sometimes and knock you down. It’s all about getting back up, growing and being happy. 

2020 goals

What is one goal you are particularly wanting to achieve in 2020? 

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