There are so many things in everyday life that we should be grateful for. Gratitude is everything and actually makes life better. Though I am very grateful for pretty much everything, when it comes to writing this monthly, it is the hardest thing to think of things. Literally just will not flow out and on to my MacBook! So I am sharing 10 of mine for October. Yes October, that is crazy right, but there you go. 2020 will be over soon.

  1. I am really grateful for my hard work and effort with my work. Both in my actual 9-5 and my social media side. Things are starting to be noticed and my work is paying off. The amount of effort I have put in, really is being acknowledged and I am very proud of myself, if I am honest. autumn
  2. The colder weather is something I have wanted for ages and I am grateful now it is here. It is sort of like I have a love/hate relationship because its too cold and this flat costs an arm and leg to heat. But I love layers and cosy clothes, onesies for pjs and blankets. 
  3. Laughter because it’s the best medicine and life is better laughing anyway. Even if you just make yourself laugh, that is totally ok, as well as laughing with actual people or over face time. 
  4. This is a weird one probably because you’d more likely to be grateful for the other way round. But I am grateful for the ability to help others that need a little extra help in hand or a guide along the right path. 
  5. I am not really one for watching tv but I have been recently. Really grateful for them autumnal programmes being on and starting again. The run up to Christmas with strictly come dancing, GBBO and extra slice. Splitting time up and chilling out on the sofa is something I am loving. Of course the programmes are good as well. cosy nights
  6. Feeling good, the majority of the time. Honestly, good health is never appreciated, until it goes. I am just really grateful for the days when I am right as rain and feel amazing. Just the feeling of feeling amazing is so good and lifts the spirits and everything else within. 
  7. Having a good mindset. This is really similar to the physical health one. My mindset has been amazing for ages. Now I am feeling anxious and I hate it. I want it gone and back to the good healthy mindset. If only we could be in the good mindset 100% of the time. So I have to be extremely grateful for having a good one, most of the time. Or as of when I am writing this, or had it. 
  8. With the health and that. I am hugely grateful for my support. My closest friends and family. The ones that love me for me. Don’t leave me at my worst and are always there when I need and even when I just want to hang out. Even texted my bestie for a pudding date. Honestly they are just amazing and really help me. There is nothing better than being loved and cared for when I am feeling rubbish. 
  9. I am actually probably one of the rare few that are loving 2020. But I am and I am so grateful for the opportunities and lessons, 2020 is teaching me. The fact I’ve been working from home and impressing for 7 months, just shows one thing. All the staying home, that has allowed me to love myself more, I guess and my time alone. It really is the best. 
  10. Being organised and in a routine. How sad really but I am grateful that I can feel amazing just from keeping on track and organised. The feelings are amazing and my life seems to run more smoothly knowing things are done and I now have several evenings/days that I can chill or do whatever I want to do. 

These are 10 of mine. I am honestly grateful for something every hour of every day. It makes life so much happier and a positive lifestyle is 100% better for you mentally. Even if things aren’t always bright and happy, we can learn and take things from it to improve on.

What is one thing you are grateful for this month?

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