Radley Handbag

So when I opened this box I was really excited my Mum had gone for the gift wrap option they had when looking in the shop. At this time though Radley didn’t have the colour I wanted in their Black Friday sale so I guess was brought online. Anyway it wasn’t gift wrapped. Mum I forgive you. Instead it was just the box it shipped out in. Not that it matters I do love the bag, the colours, shapes and print. I have been looking and wanting a new bag for a while now and I normally go for a big Mary Poppins style bag that can hold everything and the kitchen sink. So this is a complete change for me. Even though this bag looks small and is small. It can actually fit so much in. It is like a bucket as such so when you open in it fits a lot. I managed a large purse, sat nav, tissues and my massive chunk of keys I carry around. This is definitely the right size for work. I am pretty sure I can now fit all my stuff I need, lunch and will just carry the water bottle. But how cute is the Sanderson print? The blue floral, somehow really works well with the purple of the bag and the Burgundy straps.


Next out of the box I have is *this book. Don’t all laugh at once. I know its a children’s book. I was a huge fan of Jaqueline Wilson when I was a child, especially Tracy Beaker. I am apart of Louise Pentland’s book club page on facebook and when I saw others comment about it and how it was good I had to get it. So yes I was given Tracy Beaker My Mum. I was telling my friend about this before Christmas and she has now asked to borrow it after I have finished reading it. I think this will be one I can easily get into and read fast. Who cares its aimed at children right?

bullet journal

Those who know me or who have followed me for a while, will know that I am a huge believer in self care. It really does help me and how I feel. I want to make 2019 a year to remember. I really do want to try stay my top self. But who knows really anything can happen beyond my doing. I love to bullet journal and when I was just searching the net for entertainment. I came across these daily planners. I am a huge cactus fan and when I saw this one on Ohh Deer I immediately sent the link to my mum. I know its too big for my bag, but I can’t wait to write in this everyday from January first. I have to do this for me. The pages are already sectioned out so if you weren’t feeling creative or up to much a simple jot down your feelings, food and thoughts would be ok. I was surprised at how thick the book was but that excites me to be able to definitely do 365 days of bullet journalling in one book.

dress making

Of course I love to dress make. I have since I was 14 say. Recently I came back into the world of dress making and feel in love with Tilly and The Buttons patterns. Its also something me and my Grandma like to do together. I was just looking on amazon when *I found Tilly had done some books on dress making too. Which included the patterns. So I thought I would ask for one and see what it was like. Well now I have looked through I can see myself making near enough if not all of the patterns. We are going to start with the pinafore dress.


I have recently changed winter coat and my navy and pink bobble hat really didn’t go. It was time for a new hat. I still love that hat and Joules still do them styles so I asked for a grey and pink one. I love it. I just tried it on with the tags still attached whilst filming this video and its so cute. I love the colours and how well they tie together.

My mum likes to buy us some small little things. Cute things and some handy things as well. This year I got sewing needles and yarn needles, both probably because I keep loosing mine and forever borrowing hers. I got a cute little notebook that I can carry around in my handbag to jot ideas down on. I also got this Doodles delight coaster. How cute are the dogs on it? We were also all given this mini box of nail files. Also the perfect size for the handbag.


Moving on to the Sainsbury’s bag full. My sister brought me this lovely white peplum from Noisy May. I love how I can dress it up or down and how it hangs on me. I don’t overly like skin tight clothes so I like that I am skinny enough to wear this oversized and it look good on me. I like that I can wear my head scarf with it and that adds colour. I love the ruffle of peplum at the bottom too. The jumper itself is sweatshirt kind but the ruffle is shirt kind of fabric. Noisy May’s clothes are really reasonable in price but also good quality.


I love cactus and my sister brought me this grow your own cactus. Its such a cool idea and I think I want to film this as a video. I want it to make the best cacti ever. Come on now I do have about 12! So fingers crossed I can actually grow one from this bag. I am not sure where they got this from. But how cute is the packaging.

From my sister I also got this cute coaster of my nephew Alfie’s finger painted penguin. I have Abigail’s from when she was in reception so its nice to have both. Its cute as well.


Next up is another book. I am turning into a bookworm was we speak. Lol. Grandma Mon and Grandad Dave got me *this book. As a teenager I was really into learning about history and read a lot of books from a child author who wrote books about history. My other Grandad Gerald was really surprised when I opened this and now wants to read it after me. I am really interested in this subject and the story of the Tattooist of Auschwitz.


My Grandma Mon and Grandad Dave also brought me a new pair of hightop converse in black. I live in my white ones so its really handy to have another pair. I also think that with some colours black looks better and smarter I guess. Now I have the choice and can wear them whenever I would like to.

makeup brushes

Both Grandparents brought me a new makeup brush from the Spectrum Unicorn range. I am really loving makeup, experimenting with shades etc so thought some new brushes would come in handy. I love the holographic and colouring to the brushes and packaging.

makeup palette

From my parents I got the Bare Minerals Gen Nude palette in Rose. I love pretty natural looks and this palette can definitely give me a variety of these looks. I love the shades and how its going to make the no makeup makeup looks.

Bare minerals

Grandma Dawn and Grandad Gerald brought me the Bare Minerals Original Foundation Starter kit. I really want to try more makeup, different brands and I seem to have taken a shining to Bare Minerals. I love this kit and can’t wait to use it more often.

shopping list

They also got me this cute Cats shopping list pad with magnet to the back so I can hang it to the microwave. I am one of those to need a shopping list or its like today when I buy all I fancy, then get home to remember what I needed and forgot!

From Lavinia my best friend I got this lovely fluffy warm socks. I love them. I get really cold easily and especially at home because its so hard to heat my flat properly. So these are definitely handy and a good present for me. Grey as well so ties in with my colour theme.


Lavinia also brought me these earrings. I love them. They have swarovski diamonds in. They are like shooting stars and we think I can wear them as dangly earrings or ones that go up the ears. Either way they are really comfy to wear and pretty.


My other friend Bex brought me this Santa Cactus. Of course I am a cactus lover. How cute is the Santa head on top though. Something that can come out each year as well. Love it.

star baker

From Bex I also got this Star Baker Apron. Actually I was looking for an apron for something exciting I have coming in 2019, but I can use this. I am a huge Great British Bake Off fan and this is from their range. I have been loving baking recently as well so this will definitely come in handy.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who brought me a present this year and if I have forgot anything off I am sorry its off memory or I would be hanging off the bed searching through everything.

What is your favourite gift I received this year? What was your favourite you received?

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