So I as many love a good haul I thought I would share what I got at Bicester Village.

The first shop we ventured into was Jack Wills one of my favourites and actually both Lavinia and I brought from here. I love their clothes and I have since I heard of the brand back about 10 years ago. Jack Wills clothes really suit me, I can find smarter clothes for work but also casual for weekends. Also comfy tees to pair with jeans or a pinafore.


I am loving green at the minute. I am not sure why but there we go. I love rich royal green and it does suit me. I found this jumper as soon as I walked in the door. I love this style of jumper and for weekends and if I can make it smart/casual enough for work too. I have other colours of jumpers very similar to this. But I like how this is longer in length. No crazy pattern on the back and a simple stitch Jack Wills on the front. I love the colour and how it fits me. I brought a size 10 and its was £30 which isn’t bad pricing for Jack Wills.


So Lavinia turned to the left of the store straight away as the sale racks were there. I am not one really for a sale, but whilst I entertained Aurelia in her buggy I had a quick look just to see what I could find. I am an average size so my sizing goes really quickly in sales. But needless to say I found this knitted jumper and what a bargain it was. Size 10 again. Original price £84.95 I got it for £19! I wore this to work this week actually and it was so comfy, smart looking but is one definitely for work and weekend wear. I went for work clothes mainly as I am finding my wardrobe boring even though its full. I have had Jack Wills’ knitwear before and it does shrink in the wash but its so well made and warm. The fit is good too well for now anyway. I love the collar and how it only hangs on one side. It was nice and cosy when I wore it the other day.

Of course I had to buy stripes. Actually the majority of my stripe section in my wardrobe is Jack Wills or Joules. I thought this was cute for spring summer or for now for layers. I am loving the pink with the burgundy. I jus think this will be cute under pinafores. Its a little cropped in length which isn’t ideal for me but works amazingly under pinafores. It was only £16 as well which is ok for a t-shirt.

After we stopped for a snack break, me a cinnamon swirl and a bottle of water, and Lavinia a cup of tea and a sausage roll. Aurelia sharing both items of food and some milk we were off again.

Next up for me anyway was Calvin Klein. I have been needing new underwear for some time now and just seem to be too fussy to like any in Marks and Spencer. I was totally convinced the middle of 2018 that I was going to be buying the cheaper end of high street for underwear. But months later I want the better quality back. So we took a look. They of course too had deals on and so I brought 1 t-shirt bra in black and they had a deal on for knickers so brought 4 for £25. I am really fussy with knickers and they have to fit right so I was iffy on these but actually these are really comfy and fit well. I wish I had got more now. Maybe next time. The bra was £21 so similar pricing to Marks and Spencer so I was very pleased.

At lunch time it got very busy it was like sardines trying to push through the queues and flurries of people so we decided to avoid the shops that you had to queue to get in. Though I must admit when I was pushing the buggy it was a handy thing to have to barge through the people. We went in shops that were way out our price range just to have a look and dream, and shops for Aurelia too. Lavinia actually brought more than me.

self care

Next shop we went to was Rituals, I found Rituals through Birchbox actually and really enjoyed their products. Lavinia was completely new to this brand. I had to go in there and buy some goodies. Simple self care items. It was really good because you could test all the products before trying and their staff helped as Lavinia wanted to know what things did what to help certain areas.

I love the smell of the Rituals of Sakura range. Its Organic rice milk and cherry blossom scent. It smells amazing, so all my products I brought our from that range. The product I went in for was the foaming shower gel. Its what I had from Birchbox but just a different scent. I preferred this one. £5 which isn’t bad at all, it will last me a while as well.

I then found it in bubble bath and if you look at the picture closely you can see I have used it quite a bit this week. Again £5 smells amazing and makes a lovely bubbly bath to relax and unwind in.

The next product was actually something Lavinia was interested in, and when the shop assistant told us what it was and how it works he had us both sold. I am always to lazy to moisturise after a shower or bath. That or its to freezing cold I need to get my onesie on fast. But this is something you apply whilst in the shower and it moisturises you at the same time. AMAZING. Especially for Lavinia who has limited time with Aurelia around. It really does work. I have used it this week and I feel better for it.

Then we were back to Calvin Klein Underwear Store. This time both of us brought underwear. I just wanted a nude bra because the other store didn’t have my size and I found one. £21 again which is really good pricing and it fits me really well. I will definitely be going there again for underwear.


By this point we had been there 6 hours and enough was enough. We were tired Aurelia needed a nap and we had brought a lot. As you can tell from the buggy lol. Us girls do know how to shop. The Calvin Klein bag kept Aurelia amused as well she was happy holding my carrier bag, needless to say I did take the underwear out and one of us had hold of her the whole time.

Have you been to Bicester Village before? Are you a high street kind of person or high end?

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